This gorgeous space is newly renovated and sits in the heart of the restaurant, cafe and bar district of the Palace. It boasts 3 separate entrances as well as a patio off the garden entrance. The location is ideal for consumer traffic as well as the ability to enter the establishment from 3 separate locations.

Experienced masons uncovered the original palatial rock which blends well with the modern “New York“ style solid wood doors and windows. Several sections of the stone walls have been identified as original Palace stone and are protected by heritage status, making a very interesting history for this commercial property.

The renovations include installation of high quality ventilation and air conditioning systems, beautiful flooring and a truly chic ambiance. The space has also been fitted with all of the appropriate wiring and needs for a restaurant kitchen and separate caffe bar area. There are 2 new bathrooms inside in addition to the staff bathroom located adjacent to the patio. In addition, there is opportunity to provide outside seating on the cobblestone streets, the square and patio.

This ideal location is in the center of the historic attractions of Diocletians palace being next to the Peristil, the Cathedral, Jupiter´s Temple, the Vestibule, the halls and basements of the Palace, the Sphinx, etc and is on the Palace Tours route. This location is perfect for the restaurant currently in the design process, this will be a modern style restaurant serving high-end wines and cocktails and featuring a late nite lite menu for tourists, currently lacking in this area.

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